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What do Google, Amazon, Disney, Apple and Harley Davidson all have in common? They started when someone opened their garage door to create a working space. These small businesses brought together groups from various backgrounds to grow the world’s most innovative and impactful brands. Lucky for us, the development of coworking spaces across the globe and right here in downtown Phoenix help entrepreneurs escape their drafty garages or distracting coffee shops to plant roots in a more productive setting.

In Phoenix’s growing tech scene, coworking spaces like CO+HOOTS create a valuable incubation platform for start-ups and small businesses to grow without large upfront costs required to attain their own real estate. Founded in 2010, CO+HOOTS has established itself as a coworking trailblazer, ranking second nationally and among the top ten spaces globally. The company brings small businesses into one space for much more than free wifi and sleek conference rooms. Collaboration, mentorship and educational workshops all bolster its members growth strategies and networks.  The cherries on top? Treadmill desks and a midtown location opening this later year.
CO+HOOTS’ investment in Phoenix goes even further to support the city’s entrepreneurs. In 2014, the company founded CO+ Foundations, its own nonprofit organization. “The foundation’s mission centers around entrepreneurial, business and technology education.” Over the past two years, it hosted the nation’s largest kids coding camps and Pro Bono Week events. This year it plans to lead a small business scaling program for Phoenix based companies. Talk about paying it forward.
For anyone looking to turn their idea into Phoenix’s next successful business, CO+HOOTS and other coworking spaces offer an invaluable platform and a great cup of coffee.