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Is the money worth the workload? Hell yes, say PHX tech pros—for now

The Phoenix tech scene is disrupting everything these days: education, real estate, cubicle culture, commuting, etc forever. One thing we can’t disrupt is the simple law of supply and demand. As the demand for high-level talent in Phoenix outpaces supply—for now, we hear those ASU kids are closing that gap everyday—so do the salaries employers are willing to pay.

Angela Gonzales of the Phoenix Business Journal recently reported [link to] that tech and creative economy salaries are climbing rapidly—along with expectations of around-the-clock performance.

Gonzales—who spoke with Andrew Pena of Phoenix-based Robert Half Technology (@roberthalftech), shares some striking survey data:

A Robert Half survey of chief information officers found that 63 percent of the CIOs believe salaries are fair because of the talent shortage. But 20 percent said they are too low, given expectations and the current workload.

When asked if the amount of pressure on technology professionals has increased today versus five years ago, 37 percent said pressure has greatly increased, while 44 percent said it has increased somewhat.

Obviously, we’ve got pros and cons here. Pros: Teslas for everybody! We can actually get out of that student loan abyss! Once we pay the rent, upgrade to a snazzy new fixie, pay Mom and Dad back that seed money, and buy Suns season tix for next year (it has to get better, right?), we’ll actually have money to support local businesses, buy some killer art (your first stop should be @BentleyGallery in the Warehouse District—trust us), and give back to the community.

But what are we giving up? What’s the real cost of an 18-hour day? Is it worth it, but only for a few years? Would you take a smaller raise in exchange for time to hike, catch a spring training game or—what’s that word again? oh yeah—sleep? Is there a perfect balance between compensation and workload? How much is enough?

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